About Me

I am based in Devon, UK. I’ve been enjoying the wonderful land and seascapes of this part of the world for over 13 years since parenting became a blessed part of my life.
I enjoy allowing my connection to the land here to nourish and inform me. When I’m not at work in this field I’m developing my interest in the arts and my own artistic work in ceramics.
My history is in a variety of fields from, advocacy, mental health, IT, politics, local broadcasting, environmentalism, and community development.
I’ve spent parts of my life in the Middle East, Northern Ireland, East Africa and across the UK, and I’ve managed to maintain something of my Lancashire/Northern accent.

I am a member of the Male Psychology Network and provide some services to the network.

I’m also a registered Facilitator in the Circle of Security protocol based on clinical research in Attachment Theory and Neuroscience with www.connectparenting.uk.

I continue to pursue and maintain training and personal development in Coaching, Counselling and Psychotherapy. I’m a member of The International Coach Federation and is informed by the BACP Coaching, Children & Young People divisions of the BACP. All my coaching work adheres to ICF code of ethics