Whether it’s an ocean, a sea or another river, the journey must begin from somewhere.

What will coaching be like for you?

Coaching is a collaborative and creative process, what makes each coaching relationship unique is the uniqueness that you bring. What I offer is an engaging, attuned, and supportive style to holding the coaching frame, which allows us to work at a powerful depth to co-create solutions and embrace new attitudes appropriate for your present and future circumstances.

By paying attention to whole systems and whole individuals, we can work both at a depth that is comfortable for you and in a solution focussed way. I utilise a wide range of methods and approaches to support our progress together.

How we will work

We work online using a secure video platform called Zoom, we can use other platforms like Skype or WhatsApp if this is more familiar to you.  Working online is an efficient way of conducting coaching work. It allows us to begin quickly, build a regular pattern of working together, and offers more flexible times for working around your other commitments. It also saves a lot of time, carbon, and financial costs on travel.

Sometimes working in person is required, and we can also work one-to-one in person at locations in Exeter and Newton Abbot.

Often people are looking for an experience outdoors, I offer coaching in local woodlands and natural environments, which is often deeply supporting and transformational for the client.

What clients have said

“Audaye is an amazing coach. His coaching style is intuitive and empowering. I enjoyed every minute of our sessions and learnt so much about myself. I feel lucky to have been coached by Audaye and can only highly recommend him.” KC – Female client UK

“Audaye is a warm, engaging, supportive and responsive coach who is totally present in the conversation, and as attuned to the other person and to the coaching relationship as he is to their words “ LS- Female client UK

“Audaye is an intuitive coach. He creates space that opens awareness beyond the client’s existing frame of perception. His fluency in inviting the natural world into the coaching conversation expands possibilities and enables holistic alignment with the World.” LF – Female client UK

“Audaye is very insightful and brings a wide depth of knowledge to his work” SD – Female Client UK